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Kelly’s Choice functions as a comprehensive nutrition and health company that has grown exponentially since its inception, and is headed in an exciting direction to reach a wider audience and change the conversation surrounding what it truly means to be healthy.

Are you responsible for the wellness of your
employees, athletes or students?

  • Are you tired of investing in programs that don’t get proven results?
  • Are most nutrition presentations devoid of actionable information?
  • Would you be the hero at your organization if you found a way to lower insurance costs?
  • Are most health education programs too complicated and confusing?

Do you need exposure
for your product?

  • Do you need an effective way to drive foot traffic into the grocery store?
  • Are you searching for a credible spokesperson to vouch for your product?
  • Do you need to differentiate your product in a crowded market?
  • Is there pressure to meet revenue goals?
We have been working with Kelly for a few years now across a variety of brands, and no matter what the opportunity is, she never fails to deliver amazing work. She is a true partner, always keeping our brands top-of-mind for relevant opportunities and willing to lend a hand when needed. Whether she is sharing her thoughts on-air or through a newsletter, her advice resonates with audiences in a way that is enjoyable, relatable and most importantly, educational. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and we could not be more grateful for our continued partnership.  

Brianna Henley, Finn Partners Public Relations

Hiring An Effective Nutrition And Wellness Speaker Or Spokesperson Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.

Kelly Springer makes it easy to meet your goals.



1. Reach Out

Talk to Kelly and her team about your unique needs.

2. Get Your Plan

We’ll create a bespoke presentation for your employees.

3. Transform Health

As employees, students or athletes implement actionable nutrition tips, you’ll boost productivity and performance.

Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador

1. Reach Out

Talk to Kelly and her team about your goals.

2. Get Your Plan

We’ll create engaging presentations, blogs, social media content and demos of your product.

3. Transform Health

Drive foot traffic to the store and sell product.

Why Kelly Springer Is Right for YOU:

  • Increase employee retention
  • Be sure that your product flies off the shelf
  • Drive productivity
  • Get your product in front of more people
  • Decrease insurance costs and save money
  • Provide employess, students or athletes with proven, practical steps to wellness
  • Ensure a return from your investment in wellness programs
  • Make sure actual sales line up with your campaign goals
  • Hire a dietician that delivers the perfect balance of fun, engagement and education