Check out the kind of results Kelly Springer’s programs get for:

Organizations/Workplace Wellness Programs

“Kelly’s Choice is a great company to work with! They are extremely knowledgeable, creative and make each workshop fun and interactive. Kelly Springer is amazing and always takes time to help our organization. I highly recommend Kelly’s Choice!!!”   

— Amy Dickman, Cayuga County Health Network

“Overall, this program was informative. But I think the most informative was mindful eating. I need to enjoy eating again. My biggest success is: my A1C a year ago was 10.8, now it is down to 7.5 – not perfect but a heck of a lot better. That’s my goal. Losing 5 pounds was also a bonus.”

— Andrea Simmons, Workplace Wellness Program Participant


“I’ve been an athlete all my life. In recent years, I’ve been looking for a way to get more out of myself. I wanted to take my performance to the next level.

The nutrition advice and guidance I got from Kelly has transformed the way I fuel my body and I’m seeing myself improve in ways I never thought possible. I’m training harder and recovering more quickly.

I’m setting crazy goals and smashing them!”

— Jack Newton, Long-distance runner

Food Companies

“I’ve been working with Kelly on behalf of a number of my food and wellness brands for a couple of years. She is an absolute joy to work with, she is always responsive, is extremely knowledgeable about trends in the wellness space and brings an infectious positive energy to everything she does.

I’ve worked with her on regional broadcast segments on behalf of a number of clients, including SunButter, Wholly Guacamole and CHI-CHI’S, where she has delivered flawless on camera messaging each and every time.

Additionally, we partnered with Kelly on behalf of our client Daiya Foods during FNCE last year. She acted as a spokesperson for the brand before, during and after the show by sharing her experience with the brand across her social channels. Here is direct feedback from Daiya’s marketing team on Kelly’s work:

“It was a pleasure to work with Kelly at FNCE and her coverage during the event was exceptional.  She worked tirelessly to drive her peers to our booth, she came to the booth regularly, stayed a while talking with peers and us.  She was both lively and passionate about our brand.”

They cannot wait to work with her again. It’s been such a pleasure and honor to work with Kelly and I look forward to doing so for many years to come!

— Nicole Young, Consumer West, Havas Formula

Schools & Individuals

“I enjoyed your lessons and i feel that my students learned a lot about eating healthy and how to be a better consumer, portion control, food labels, etc. the students enjoyed the experiments and games. Students enjoyed the hands on activities.”

— Michelle Whaley, School Teacher

“Kelly, It took a full year, but the nutrition and lifestyle changes you suggested I make have been achieved. I saw you for nutritional guidance after my doctor diagnosed me with Type 2 diabetes.  

I was 211 lbs., 55 years old, and A1C of 6.5. I’m now 175 lbs. and 5.7 A1C. The weight and the blood glucose levels steadily declined throughout the year as I followed the plan you laid out.

As you warned me, starting out was challenging. I was breaking a half century of poor eating habits. It took 4 months to lose the cravings for refined grains, sugars, and processed foods, but somewhere around the 4-month mark, those cravings were replaced with a drive to eat whole, healthy foods, and my brain began to associate those bad foods with poisons. Once that was set in my brain, progress accelerated and by month 10 I had my 2nd consecutive A1C reading of 5.7.

I’ve felt so much better this year than for the past few years. I have more energy, focus, and I’m definitely happier. Thank you for helping me.”

— Joe Battisto, Skaneateles, NY